Braces at Minnesota Orthodontics

Braces at Minnesota Orthodontics

Thanks to modern technology, bulky, uncomfortable braces are a thing of the past. Minnesota Orthodontics uses a variety of low friction braces, including Damon and DTC.

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Damon™  Smile braces

Damon Smile braces

The brackets of Damon™ Smile braces feature a patented slide mechanism that allows the archwires to glide through them with ease. This eliminated the need for the elastic ties of traditional braces, which decreases friction and makes treatment more comfortable.

Because your braces can self-adjust by sliding freely along your archwires, we won’t need to see you for as many adjustment appointments during treatment. This means fewer office visits and faster treatment times overall.

A solution for every smile

Damon™ Smile braces can be used to treat orthodontic issues from simple to complex while simultaneously widening the arch of your smile. This means Damon™ braces can improve bite issues that other braces cannot.

Damon™ treatment can even help you achieve a proper gum-to-tooth ratio, and even out your facial symmetry to provide you with a fuller, more youthful profile.

Benefits of Damon braces

  • Increased comfort - With a lower profile and decreased friction, D amon braces provide a seamless orthodontic experience for patients.
  • Faster treatment - Because your teeth can move more freely during treatment, Damon™ braces can shave months off your total treatment time when compared to traditional braces.
  • Fewer office visits - Damon™ braces are self-adjusting, so we won’t need to see you at the clinic for regular adjustment appointments.
  • Better hygiene - With no elastic ties, Damon™ braces provide less places for bacteria and plaque to build up, making it easier to protect the health of your smile during treatment.
  • Extra discretion - Damon™ brackets are smaller than traditional brackets, and even come in a discreet clear option.
Benefits of Damon™ braces

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Take the first step toward your dream smile

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